Indonesian student association of qut

PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia) QUT. namely ISAQ applies for its role as a medium to accommodate a variety of student needs and information between Indonesia and QUT. We holds an occasion to introduce and promote Indonesian cultures to the people in Australia. In addition, we also offers a variety of exciting activities to the whole Indonesian Students at QUT and ISAQ members, such as singing to entertain and internal gatherings to unify the community to help students to adapt in Australia. ISAQ provides an assistance in academic and non-academic to the whole members through organising some events such as seminars, forums, BBQs, sports, festivals, entertainments, and arts. For Indonesian students at QUT, ISAQ is the right place for building friendship and gathering connections.

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Affiliated Projects

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  • IndoFair brings to you a glimpse of Indonesian multiculturalism so you can have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Indonesia. This includes Indonesian cuisine, games, traditional performances, and many other things that answer your curiosity.

  • Support and watch Indonesian research students in Australia to share their original ideas for a better world, focusing on fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Enginering, Mathematic) and HASS (Humanity, Arts, and Social Sciences).

  • Up for a fun little adventure to release yourself from uni life for a while? Come enjoy the sensation with ISAQ. Jalan-jalan wil bring you for a day trip around Brisbane most favourite tourism spot!

  • A series of discussion brought by an expert in a particular topic to enlighten your way and evoke your mind


The Queensland University of Technology is a public research university located in the urban coastal city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. QUT is located on two campuses in the Brisbane area: Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.

PPIA is a medium of communication and interaction for all Indonesian students across Australia. The goals are to establish a strong sense of fellowship among Indonesian students and gives contribution to the nation in terms of cultural recognition as a foreign community. PPIA comprises of 8 state-level organisations (PPIA Chapters) and 33 university-level organisations (PPIA Branches). PPIA represents the interests and caters for the needs of all Indonesia students.