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Indonesian Student Association of QUT (ISAQ) is a branch of Indonesian organisation named Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) that facilitates the entire community of Indonesian students who conducted study at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to assist and build a network with one another. ISAQ is also widely open to all other QUT students who are interested in Indonesia. Through ISAQ, all members can receive the latest updates about the study news, events and exciting activities.


Opening social networks extensively to other Indonesian students at QUT.


Being a new family in Brisbane and ready to give guidance, assistance, and support.


Providing new organisational experience with Indonesian team members.

ISAQ Colloquium 2018

ISAQ 3rd Annual Colloquium is coming soon. Be there to support and watch Indonesian research students in Australia to share their original ideas for a better world, focusing on fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Enginering, Mathematic) and HASS (Humanity, Arts, and Social Sciences).

Latest News and Events

Here are some posts about the news and events related to studies, activities, and recent activity around ISAQ.

iftar qut
May 22, 2018

Iftar ISAQ-IISB-Dompet Dhuafa (26 MAY 2018)

Halo teman-teman, mari meriahkan kegiatan Iftar (Buka Puasa Bersama) 2018 hasil kerjasama PPIA QUT (ISAQ) dengan IISB serta Dompet Dhuafa pad...

isaq capres
May 22, 2018

ISAQ Presidential Election 2018

Did you hear about ISAQ’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Presidential Election? As we are getting closer to the Presidential Electi...

May 17, 2018

Jadwal kegiatan Iftar 2018

Jadwal kegiatan Iftar (Buka Puasa Bersama) 2018 hasil kerjasama PPIA QUT (ISAQ) - UQ (UQISA) - Griffith Uni (ISAGU) dengan PPIA QLD dan IISB sert...