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AIBC Conference Volunteering


Looking for something to do this November? why don’t try to get involved with Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC)? AIBC is running a conference called “Partnering for Prosperity in a World of Change” this November and we need your help in order to makes this event success! sign yourself up here for volunteering opportunity!

They are looking for volunteer command and control team
1 Volunteer organiser
2 Shift overseers
Need for every session
1 Rapporteur – Works with moderator (Important roles) One Rapporteur for each session (11 sessions)
Needed for each Shift
1 Assistant – Works with moderator and Rapporteur
3 “gofers” Assistants for Event Organisers
1 Assistant to Patron Bill Farmer AO
2 Reception Desk assistants
2 Enquiry desk personnel
2 ushers (strong but friendly) (Australian)
1 Social Media moderator and twitter stream
Total – 12

Roll descriptions

Specialised rolls
Rapporteur –
support the Moderator to glean salient points/issues/questions from the Panellists;
1.assist in preparation of the SHORT Opening Comments by the Moderator;
2.take notes of key questions and salient points made during the Session;
3.assist the Moderator to prepare a SHORT Synopsis of the Session;
Requirements: Very strong English language written and spoken, knowledge of Indonesian-Australian relationships, ability to quickly prepare and create opening comments and synopsis of sessions.
Social Media moderator and twitter stream –
1.Moderate social media accounts
2.Operate twitter stream during sessions
3.Previous experience in social media moderation and operating a twitter live stream
4.Promote event’s online presence before the event
Assistant to Patron Bill Farmer AO
1.Directly assist Conference Patron Bill Farmer as seen fit
2.Welcome VIP and others when Patron Bill Farmer is not available
3.Liaise between Bill Farmer and Volunteer organisers
General Roles
Moderator Assistant
1.coordinate and sequence any Slides Panelists may desire to be shown during the Session;
2.ensure Slides are given to AV in a timely manner;
3.ensure all Panelists are prepared and organised to be available ON TIME for the Session;
“Gofers” Assistants for Event Organisers
1.Assist Event Organisers and AIBC organisers as seen fit.
2.Liaise between Event Organisers and AIBC personnel Volunteer Organiser and Shift Overseers
Reception Desk assistants
1.Operate Reception desks during sessions
2.Utilize payment systems for those who purchase tickets at the conference
Enquiry desk personnel
1.Assist attendees with their inquires during the conference
1.Usher people into sessions
2.Ensure people move in and out of sessions in a timely manner
3.Should be Australians who are professional but firm.


Yoga Conference 2018 – Brisbane (QUT)


My name is Albert Hermo, and I am the President of QUT’s Meditation & Yoga Club (MY Time QUT). We are a student club, that offer regular meditation and yoga sessions on QUT’s campuses, with a member base of over 200 students.

We are organising a Yoga Conference, The Journey Within, on 6th October 2018. For details on speakers(, please see our Conference website ( The speakers at this conference will explore the core philosophy of yoga and meditation practice coupled with elements of Ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic medicine and healing. The themes covered will include:

·An introduction to yoga as a lifestyle
·The neuro-science of breath
·Pranayama (breathing techniques)
·Buddhist meditation principles and techniques
·Ayurvedic constitutions and how they affect us
·Nutrition (food as medicine from a holistic health perspective)
·Ayurveda for great digestive (gut) and mental health

Would it be possible for us to drop in some flyers for the Conference into your club for your members that might be keen to attend? This is a not-for-profit event, so the cost is minimal as noted below, which includes morning tea and lunch. The event is heavily subsidised by QUT. We would greatly appreciate your support with getting the word out for this event �de0a

Details of the Conference are as follows:
·Date: Saturday, 6 October 2018
·Time: 8.30am – 4.00pm AEST
·Venue: QUT Gardens Point Campus, P Block, Room: P-514
·Cost: General Public: $20.00 Students: $5.00 (any learning institution)
·Registration: Via Website –
(registration is required for catering purposes)
·Facebook: (for updates)

Albert Hermo
Meditation & Yoga Club (MY Time QUT)
Queensland University of Technology


ISAQ Jalan-Jalan (Open Trip) – October 2018

Jalan Jalan Poster besarISAQ Jalan-Jalan (Open trip)

It’s finally here folks, an open trip for everyone!have you been working hard trying to catch on these deadlines? take a step back to pause and relax because you deserve a break! Join our day trip right after midbreak and have some fun by visiting Glasshouse Mt. lookout, Strawberry Fields (pick your own), and Mooloolaba beach!

Date: Sunday, 7th October 2018
Meeting point: QUT Gardens Point campus at 8.15AM
Ticket price: General Admission $35 / PPIA member $32 / Children $29 (Includes transportation, snacks, and drinks)

Seats are limited so please secure your seat as soon as possible at before Tuesday, 02 October 2018

For more information and payment inquiries please reach out Adhya +61450116117
See you guys!


Thank you ISAQ Committee 2017-2018!















ISAQ mengucapkan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada Presiden ISAQ Periode 2017-2018 Akhmad Firmannamal dan Wakil Presiden Mitzi Christie serta segenap Pengurus ISAQ Friesca ErwanIlmi A. Faizal, @fia, Yogantara S DharmawanHerdiyan MaulanaRiga AnggarendraElena Saraswati, @daniel, Chandra JohannesTito Wira Pramudita, @andrea, Ronald Barlin atas pengabdiannya dalam memajukan ISAQ selama periode setahun kebelakang. Semoga pengalaman organisasi ini dapat dijadikan pembelajaran yang positif bagi kita semua. Salam.


Photo of ISAQ AGM 2018 and Presidential Election

Halo teman-teman ISAQ!

Terima kasih atas kehadiran dan partisipasi teman-teman sekalian dalam kegiatan ISAQ Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 dan Pemilihan Presiden ISAQ Periode 2018-2019.

Untuk foto-foto kegiatan tersebut, telah dapat diakses melalui link Facebook ISAQ berikut:

Kami mengharapkan teman-teman untuk like/follow akun social media ISAQ di FB (@ppiaisaq), Instagram (@ppiaqut), dan Twitter (@ppia_qut) untuk mendapatkan informasi terbaru seputar kegiatan ISAQ.

Sampai jumpa di event ISAQ berikutnya!


Congratulations to the New President and Vice President of ISAQ

Selamat kepada Tito Wira Pramudita yang telah terpilih sebagai Presiden ISAQ (PPIA QUT) dan Hesty Wulandari sebagai Wakil Presiden untuk periode 2018-2019. Semoga dapat membawa ISAQ lebih baik lagi kedepannya.


Happy Vesak Day (29 May 2018)

ISAQ mengucapkan selamat merayakan Hari Waisak!

Best Wishes For A Peaceful Vesak.


ISAQ AGM & Presidential Election 2018 (2 June 2018)

G’Day friends!

As we’re approaching the end of our ISAQ Committee 2017/2018 period. Bid farewell to the current committee and let’s welcome the candidates of ISAQ’s new president!

We would like to cordially invite you to ISAQ’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of our 2018-2019 president, followed by buka puasa bersama (Iftar). All QUT Indonesian Students are eligible (please bring your QUT Student Card) and encouraged to cast your votes!

Saturday, 2 June 2018
3-6 PM
O-Block, Room 0-308
QUT Gardens Point

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Presidential Election
Iftar break
Door Prize Drawing

Who will be the next ISAQ president?
Attend the meeting, vote and find out!
See you all there!


Photos of Iftar ISAQ-IISB (26 May 2018)

Halo Semua!

Terima kasih atas kehadiran dan partisipasi teman-teman sekalian dalam kegiatan Iftar ISAQ-IISB 2018. Kegiatan ini hasil kerjasama ISAQ dengan IISB dengan menghadirkan ustad Sutrisno Hadi (Dompet Dhuafa-Australia) sebagai penceramah.

Untuk foto-foto kegiatan tersebut, telah dapat diakses melalui link Facebook ISAQ berikut:

Kami mengharapkan teman-teman untuk like/follow akun social media ISAQ di FB (@ppiaisaq), Instagram (@ppiaqut), dan Twitter (@ppia_qut) untuk mendapatkan informasi terbaru seputar kegiatan ISAQ.

Sampai jumpa di event ISAQ berikutnya!