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Science and Engineering Centre (P Block Gardens Point)

QUT has the slogan “The University for the real world”. A faculty member of QUT had stated that they were trying to design the course that is more practical than theoretical. For them, providing a valuable experience for students is more important than just learning the topic of the units. Some courses even focus on the use of some tools commonly used in the real world. For example: “Software Development with Oracle”. QUT applies a study experience that is unique yet powerful for students’ future career.

QUT has teaching staffs and tutors that are ready to help. If we have trouble, do not hesitate to ask. They will provide time to help us.

QUT collaborates with industries that open up for internships as a part of teaching and learning. We will not only get credits but also get real work experiences in the land of kangaroos in accordance with our qualifying and get the quite good payment.

QUT is trusted by companies in an international scale. SAP opens an office at the university. Similarly, Microsoft also has a research institute at QUT. In addition, each semester, many large companies as big as Oracle offer internships and jobs to students QUT. It is a tribute and recognition to the business world for the quality of the education system at QUT.

QUT is one of the universities that values diversity. There are two small mosques at QUT (each at Garden Points and Kelvin Grove) which hold Friday prayers and iftar during Ramadan. Some of the unused QUT rooms on Sunday are also open for organising Sunday services for Christians and Catholics. QUT is also open to any religious student organisations.

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