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Q: How to get information regarding to accommodation nearby university?

A: There are 3 accommodation types that are suitable for university students, which are:

  • Student Accomodation

Some available student accomodations are:

  1. Iglu http://www.iglu.com.au/locations/brisbane
  2. UniLodge Margaret https://unilodge.com.au/lodge/onmargaret/
  3. The Pad http://www.thepad.com.au/
  4. Urbanest Southbank http://urbanest.com.au/brisbane/
  5. Uniresort http://www.uniresort.com.au/
  6. StudentOne http://studentone.com/
  • Homestay

For homestay, students are required to register beforehand in this link: https://qut.studystays.com.au/homestays

Students will then get assistance to find a suitable homestay according to their preferences. For students under 18, it is highly suggested to find a homestay.

  • Rental (rooms/unit)

Since 2017, ISAQ has an official accommodation database that you can access through this link:


Poster Akomodasi (rev)

Also, available rooms or unit information is normally promoted through many external property agencies that are available from the links below:

  1. Realestate Australia https://www.realestate.com.au/rent
  2. Qut Accomodation Service https://qut.studystays.com.au/
  3. Domain http://www.domain.com.au/
  4. Flatmates https://flatmates.com.au/brisbane

Flatmates are only suitable for students who would like to share rooms / accomodation

Further information is available in the link below:




Q: What are available scholarships in QUT?

A: QUT offers many scholarship opportunities for both Australian and international students with certain requirements. All available scholarships can be seen from the links below:


Q: How long would the overall study period take in QUT?

A: For undergraduate programs, the fulltime study period will ideally take 3 years. For a complete Honours program, the fulltime study period will ideally take 4 years. There are two main programs in Master degree, which are Master by Research and Master by Coursework. For Master by Coursework, the fulltime study would ideally take between 1.5-2 years. For Master by Research , the fulltime study would ideally take 2 years. For PhD programs, in average the overall study will take around 3 years.

Further information can be attain in QUT official website by selecting the desired study programs.


Q: What makes QUT better than the other universities around the world?

A: QUT is considered superior compared to many other universities in the world because of many facts:

  • For students that are interested in enrolling to Business School study program, QUT has been a university with the first Business School in Australia with 3 international accreditation.
  • All QUT programs have been brought to fulfill the need of the real industries, which follows the QUT jargon which says “University for the real world”. It can be clearly seen from:
    1. Researches that have answered many real industries questions.
    2. Specific study program that answer the current real world challenges.
    3. Practiced one of the researches about the biggest business process in the world

The link is available below for further information:



Q: How to join ISAQ?

A: You can contact ISAQ secretary by:

Email: isaq@isa-qut.org


Q: How to get ISAQ membership card?

A: After registration process with ISAQ secretary division, students can claim the PPIA membership card by purchasing the lifetime benefit card for $10.


Q: What are the benefits by becoming the member?

A: Students can get benefits from ISAQ membership card that can be checked from this link. Most importantly however, students can widen Indonesian network in Brisbane that develop community that helps and supports one another.